How To Use Hair Chalk For Temporary Hair Colour

Looking for a way to add colour to your hair without a long-term commitment? Hair chalk is the perfect option. Capable of giving you pops of colour that you can wash out the next day, hair chalk (also called hair shadow) is a temporary hair colouring product that's super easy to use once you nail the technique.

Anna breaks down how to use use hair chalk

With the goal of adding short-term hair colour to her model's perfectly layered look, Anna turned to hair chalk. Watch how she does it, and you'll be a hair chalk pro in no time:

7 tips for perfect hair chalking

#1 - Grab your gloves

Because hair chalk is extremely messy, wearing gloves while you work with it will save you time during cleanup.

First step of hair chalking tutorial, stylist showing gloves

#2 - Use leave-in conditioner for light hair

For clients and models with lighter or chemically sensitized hair, be sure to prep with a mist of lightweight leave-in conditioner. This will enhance the vividness of the hair chalk.

Second step of hair chalking tutorial, showing client with light blond hair

#3 - Work in pieces

If you're colouring the perimeter of the hair, grab a piece of hair and place it on top of the hair chalk applicator. Then place your thumb on top of the hair. Apply enough pressure so that the hair chalk is applied to the underside. Then use your fingers to repeated rub and twist the piece until colour is distributed.

Third step of hair chalking tutorial, stylist applying hair chalk with thumb over applicator technique

#4 - Distribute and remove excess hair chalk

To ensure even application and no clumps of hair chalk, run through each piece with a comb after you've applied the colour with your fingers. Repeat the previous two steps until you've finished applying all of the hair chalk you want for the look.

Fourth step of hair chalking tutorial, stylist running comb through hair chalked hair to evenly distribute

#5 - Control vibrance with comb

In order to create a lighter spot or more blended look, you can use a fine-toothed comb. Simply grab the piece of hair with hair chalk you wish to lighten or blend, and gently work the comb up and down. This loosens some of the hair chalk and create a different type of look.

Fifth step of hair chalking tutorial, stylist running comb back and forth to blend hair chalk

#6 - Lock in the look

To set the color and also lock in your finished look, grab your trusty hairspray and flat iron. Apply a light mist of hairspray first before going through with a comb and flat iron. The hairspray will help set the hair chalk while the heat from the iron will help seal the hair chalk. Comb with ease as the more you comb, the more hair chalk will be brushed away.

Sixth step of hair chalking tutorial, stylist sealing in hair chalk with a flat iron

#7 - Finish with shine spray

This is more of an optional finishing recommendation. If you want to lighten the look (weight-wise) and add a bit of glimmer, shine spray is a great finishing product. Apply it lightly around the head and tousle hair gently.

Seventh step of hair chalking tutorial, stylist showing model's hair after shine spray and tousling

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