Euphoria Collection Break Down: Spring Inspired Hair Color

Every season we help you discover different ways of wearing your hair. The most popular trend this season is spring inspired hair colors like showcased in our Euphoria Collection!

Read on as we teach you the perfect way to dye your hair a pastel pink that is sure to give you a mermaid-like feeling all day long!

Make sure to break down the hair color using a bleaching agent like the TIGI light white with volume 20. After that, we will need three additional formulas.

The first one called Formula One is made from Bed Head Color Trip in clear; we take this in forty-five grams and mix it with ten grams Pink and fifteen grams Red. For Formula Two, we mix forty-five grams of Bed Head Color Trip in Clear and add fifteen grams of Red to it. Lastly, for Formula Three, we will take forty-five grams of Bed Head Color Trip and add ten grams of Green and five grams of yellow to it.

Set these formulas aside. The hair should be cleaned and dried before the dye application takes place.

Step 1: Create a semi-circle at the mid-recession area and incorporate the apex. Twist and tie the hair up using a hair clip and move onto the second semi-circle which is taken from the apex of the head to just below the crown. The hair should again be twisted and tied using a hairclip. Then we take the third semicircle from the crown to just above the occipital bone.

Step 2: Start with dying the roots of the front side of the hair with Formula One after which we take vertical sections from the center back to each side. You need to take diagonal back sections, one to two inches from the hairline to just behind the ear. This will mostly depend on the density of the hair you are working with.

Step 3: Formula Three will be applied from the middle. A mixture of Formula One and Formula Three will be applied at the transition area. It is advisable to lay a mesh under the sections as needed so the color stays clean. You will now continue this application technique and keep on taking diagonal back sections. Apply the roots’ shade formula further down in every other section in any regular way to create a fluid transition. The application method is followed through until the center back is reached. After that, the method is repeated for the opposite side.

Step 4: Move on to the front semi-circle and shade the roots with Formula One. Then take a diagonal slice using a mesh and apply Formula Two from the root shade to the mid-lengths and ends. Smudge Formula One and Two at the transition area to blend them properly.

Step 5: Isolate each section with a mesh using a double fold. Take a second diagonal slice and apply Formula One from the roots to the ends. You will now continue working diagonally across this semi-circle and keep alternating the formulas until this section is complete.  This method is repeated in the back semi-circle. Keep working diagonally across, alternating Formula One and Two.

Lastly, we come to the middle semi-circle root shade with Formula One, working diagonally across. Keep applying Formula Two from mid-lengths and then smudge Formula One and Two at the transition areas to blend. Wash off the dye and style your hair as you please.

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