How to Complete a Successful Rope Braid

The best thing about hair is the way it can be transformed and the way it transforms your whole appearance. It’s always nice to experiment and figure out whether a new hairstyle is a right decision or not. Change is always nice and a good hairstyle can boost your confidence significantly. However, if you aren’t comfortable with drastic changes, you can go for braids and simpler hairdos. Here is a very simple rope braid tutorial that will offer you a new and positive look.


A rope braid looks pretty but isn’t as complicated as it seems to be. Once you get an idea of how the rope braid works, you can easily braid it yourself or help a friend do the same. Learning how to rope braid is slightly different from the traditional three-strand braid, but is pretty simple. All you have to do is understand the technique of twisting specific sections of the hair together.

This tutorial on how to rope braid is demonstrated by Sarah, an educator at the TONI&GUY Hairdressing Academy in Costa Mesa.

Step 1:

Begin by brushing your hair so that it is tangle free. Then gather all your hair back using either a paddle brush or any other kind of hairbrush that suits your hair. Once you have gathered all your hair in one place, keep your hand on the crown, grab the hair in your hand and tie them up in a ponytail. It is up to you as to how high you decide to tie the ponytail.

Step 2:

The next step is to cover the elastic band with a section of the hair so that the hairdo has a polished look. Sarah takes a section of the hair from under the ponytail and wraps it around the elastic band, using bobby pins to secure it.

Step 3:

Commencing with the rope braid, she begins by partitioning the hair into two equal sections. The hair can be tamed using a setting spray, mousse or gel.

Step 4:

Now to create the rope braid. The trick is to put the rope in such a way that each individual section of hair is in one direction and after that twist, both of the sections are in opposite directions. Each section is twisted on top of the other one.

Step 5:

In this last step, Sarah goes ahead and twists the rest of the hair until the entire length is covered and each section is twisted on top of the other in a neat and precise manner. A little more tension is kept while twisting strands of the hair to ensure that they are secured properly. Once you reach the end of the braid, you can easily secure it with a regular elastic band.

The hairstyle is finished by using a finishing spray for the perfect look. Make sure you spray on the hair from all angles and comb the rest of it to set it in place.