How to Braid and Rock Cornrows

There are so many different braids out there and so many different ways to wear them. TONI&GUY does a great job of teaching cosmetology students a number of the most popular types of braided looks and braiding techniques.

We love when we see students coming in during the summer months rocking braided hairstyles that were inspired by what they learned in class. A few of the braided looks you may come across include French braids, fishtail braids, dutch braids, and even cornrow braids. Cornrows are much more difficult to master than some of the other aforementioned braids, but in this tutorial video, our TONI&GUY cosmetology instructor Mackenzie does a great job breaking down the cornrow braiding method.

Are you going to wear these to your next festival? We sure would!

How to create perfectly braided cornrows

Watch Mackenzie break it down in this video:

How to recreate this braided look in 8 steps

  1. To start this look, begin by take even c curvature sections from the front of the hairline to the bottom of the nape. For this look, we took 1 inch sections across the head shape. There is going to be 1 on top and 3 on each side.
  2. Begin with the top section by sub sectioning it into three strands. Place one strand under each other to start one braid.
  3. After taking one braid, next take one small sub section of hair and add the outer strands of the braid while braiding under the hair. Braiding under is key to this look. While incorporating more subsections of hair, make sure to hold the hair tight. Continue braiding hair in this manner until you have braiding all of the hair in this section.
  4. After you have finished added subsections of hair, braid normally using the basic three strand technique.
  5. Tie your braid off with a thin elastic rubber band.
  6. Continue this braiding technique with the remaining sections all the way across the head shape.
  7. Now that the look is finished, make sure to use flexible hairspray to hold everything together and keep the hair in place.
  8. There you have it. The finished look!

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