Fearlessly Master the Updo Braid

Get ready to hear about one of the most versatile updos that can be worn anywhere, from parties to weddings to date nights. The best thing? You can totally make it yourself and keep everyone guessing! The updo braid is perfect for summer as it keeps hair away from your neck and makes you look effortlessly glam.

Even though the updo braid looks a little intimidating and complex, it, in fact, can be easily done using just your hands, some strong hairpins and a bunch of ponies.

The first thing you need to make sure of is that you have detangled hair that can be easily worked with. The best thing would be to have hair that was washed a day or two before as the natural oils in our scalp can help add texture and stronghold. Brush your hair like you normally do and then section it into three equal vertical ponytails. Make sure that these are equally spaced and tightly tied as you do not want any hair coming out from one of them while you work your way in. Next, you have to separate the first ponytail into two equal strands.

Having done that, gently twist the two hair sections to the right side and then cross them over to the left side. This is your first step. You will now continue to twist into the same direction and cross over in the opposite direction, working your way through your hair length. Make sure to maintain a certain ‘tightness’ and if your twist gets loose, pull on it or give it a little tug before you move on to the next one. Keep repeating for the remaining two ponytails.

The next step is to now loosen the braids up a little. Since you tightened the braids up for uniform twists, it is very likely to have lost thickness. This is why now you will pull the steps in the braids in opposite directions. Do this very gently and add volume to all three braids throughout the length. If you want to go for a slightly messy and effortless look, then you can even rub the braids between your palms, but be very careful to not break your hair or cause a lot of hair to spill out. If you have split ends or frizzy hair that poke out of the braid then use some wax or pomade to lightly pat it down and keep the whole look in place.

Next, take the braids one by one and twist them again in an ‘S’ pattern on the crown of the head and secure gently with hairpins. You will do this for all three sections and pile them on top of one another using hair pins. Again, if any unruly hair makes your job difficult, use a little pomade to tame them. After you are done pull on the braids a little more to add some more volume. The braids will now look like miniature ropes piled on top of one another. This hairstyle will look extra special if you have multi-toned hair or highlights as it can add more dimension to the hair.     

Here’s a bonus point for the next day, sleep in these braids and gently open them the next morning to get the best beachy waves ever! Just remember to spray in a leave-in conditioner on the tips and some dry shampoo on your roots.