The Blowout Series Part 2- Bombshell Blowout

This week we will be covering the Bombshell Blowout. This blowout will give clients who desire extreme volume and big voluminous curls exactly what they want. It is perfect for clients that have a special event coming up but don’t want to get a formal updo. 

To achieve the Bombshell Blow Out please follow the steps below:

bombshell blowout hair

Hair Tools Needed:
Large Round Brush (heated brush and hot brush work well)
Large Velcro Rollers (great for curl secrets)

Volumizing Spray/Mousse OR bombshell blowout spray
Shine Balm
Finishing Hairspray

Bombshell Blow Dry Step 1


Divide the head shape into three sections. Begin taking a horseshoe section from high recession to the crown. From the horseshoe, take curved diagonal backs to the occipital. 
Note: These sections may vary depending on density and the width of the hairline. 

Bombshell Blow Dry Step 2 Sides and Back

back sides             sides
Start at the front hairline with a vertical parting. With a large round brush, horizontally blowdry the root. Proceed to roll the hair into the brush vertically away from the face. Continue to work towards the center back with vertical subsections. Repeat on the opposite side.
Note: Allow a few seconds for the curl to cool and set. 

Bombshell Blow Dry Step 3 Mid Section

mid section
Portion the midsection with a diagonal parting. Proceed to dry each subsection horizontally, rolling the ends in, utilizing minimal tension. Allow each section to cool and set. Slowly release the brush in a downward spiral motion. 

Bombshell Blow Dry Step 4 Top

front top    top top
Blow-dry the hair away from the face in a downward vertical motion. Proceed to section the rest of the top with horizontal subsections, blowdrying the hair away from the face in a horizontal manner. Secure each section with a large Velcro roller. At the top of the crown, subdivide with a diagonal parting and continue working the technique. Enjoy your bombshell hair!
Note: Notice the change in body position throughout the top.

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