Blowout Series Part 3- Boho Chic

Finally, in our Style Menu series, we have the Boho Chic blowout. This style is great for clients wanting something that looks a little undone, with loose beachy curls for an incredible short hairstyle and haircut. 

boho chic

To achieve the Boho Chic blowout, you'll need the following:

Tools Needed:
Small Round Brush 
Medium Velcro Rollers

Volumizing/ Shine Styling Cream
Volumizing Spray Mousse
Shine Spray

Boho Chic Step 1

Divide the head shape into three sections. Begin taking a horseshoe section from high recession to the crown. From the horseshoe, take curved diagonal backs to the occipital. 
Note: These sections may vary depending on density and the width of the hairline. 

Boho Chic Step 2 Sides and Back

down side        back side
blow dry the hair away from the face. Working in a vertical manner, slowly twist the brush in a downward motion. This will result in a loose lived in curl. 

Boho Chic Step 3 Mid Section

mid section
Divide the midsection with a horizontal parting. Subdivide taking the technique, working in a bricklayer manner throughout the rest of the section. 
Note: The sections are dried moving away from the face.

Boho Chic Step 4 Top View

front top     crown
Starting at the crown, take diagonal back subsections working in a bricklayer manner. Blow dry horizontally, working underneath the root for volume. Secure each section with a medium Velcro roller, leaving the ends out. Isolate the fringe area and blow dry in the desired direction. 

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